The HECO-LINE nursery equipment is the result of both the experience in direct contact with the viticultural world and the ever-increasing demand for automation in this sector, where work is still almost exclusively manual. Since 1995 we have been designing and developing solutions to help the nurseryman with the aim of simplifying operations and work processes without compromising the quality of the finished product.
The PHILOSOPHY of all the HECO-LINE products is based on essential, common winning features:

  • MADE IN ITALY All equipment is entirely designed and manufactured in-house.

  • KNOW-HOW Electrical and mechanical design within the Company.

  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE Deep knowledge of the end-product.

  • ECOLOGIC Thanks to low energy consumption.

  • AFFORDABLE Maintenance costs reduced to a minimum.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS First choice construction materials and technologies.

  • LONG-LASTING High durability and reliability thanks to the construction characteristics and components used.

  • SMART All equipment is user friendly.

  • AGRICULTURE 4.0 All equipment is also available with 4.0 technology.

  • TRANSPARENT & EASY-OPEN An extremely simple and clean-cut style to simplify inspection and maintenance or to easily detect any possible malfunction.

  • COMPACT “Pallet-size” to facilitate transport and reduce logistics costs.

  • DEVELOPED DIRECTLY WITH THE NURSERYMAN To preserve the precision and quality of the handcrafted product.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE We listen to and accept the customers’ requests according to their specific needs.

  • EC MARK All equipment is built in compliance with European regulations and is EC certified.


Flexibility, savings and guaranteed assistance
We develop new ideas to be transformed into automation, we offer tailor-made solutions that respect the quality-price-ratio for an investment that can be affordable for all nurserymen, especially considering the limited time of use of the machines in this sector. We guarantee assistance and continuity of service to meet the nurseryman’s needs, in a sector that concentrates its processes in a limited period.


Rooting for your nursery
Our aim is to offer all-round solutions to simplify and improve processes in the nursery sector, by providing a complete range of products and services that can meet the specific needs of the nurseryman. This means satisfying the demand for productivity and growth, while containing costs and without compromising the quality of the end-product.


Reliability, user-orientation, and quality are not only the values behind the design of our machines, but also the basis of our relationship with the nurseryman. We believe in the importance of a good relationship with our customers, and we encourage collaboration, transparency, and fairness, which is fundamental for the growth and development of both of our company and the nurseryman's one.