Waxing Solutions

The Dry Waxing Machines of the HECO-LINE have completely changed the traditional wax melting methods by introducing an innovative direct dry heating system, without using diathermic oil, water or any other liquids.

The essential key of this new system is the use of special electric heaters that are an integral part of the structural walls of the tanks, thus allowing a direct, uniform heating.

The introduction of this solution has overcome all the problems associated with traditional heating methods, such as harmful emissions, high energy consumption, long working times, unsafe procedures and high operating and maintenance costs.

The Dry Waxing Machines by Zetaecotech are designed and built with high quality raw materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium that guarantee great performances. Thanks to its high conductivity, aluminium allows a uniform heating of the tanks and high thermal efficiency, whereas stainless steel ensures reliability and durability over time.

Our HECO products, well-known on the market since 1995, have been constantly developed and improved over the years, also thanks to the synergic and direct cooperation with the local nurserymen.

This has allowed us to build even more performing and reliable equipment, making them ideal for the melting of all kinds of wax used in different nursery sectors and especially in the Barbatelle or grafted vines sector.

Vine-nursery Sector

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Forestry Sector

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