Thanks to our continuous investment in Research & Development, we are prepared to find technologically advanced solutions that meet the automation needs of the nursery sector, and that above all respect the ever-increasing demand for customisation of the products and services required.

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We continuously invest in the electrical and mechanical workshop and in-house design, using modern working tools; moreover, we employ skilled personnel in R&D, Design and Production. Thanks to our know-how on electrical and mechanical design and on software programming and development, all equipment by Zetaecotech is therefore completely manufactured within the Company.

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The HECO-LINE nursery equipment is the result of both the experience in direct contact with the viticultural world and the ever-increasing demand for automation in this sector, where work is still almost exclusively manual. Since 1995 we have been designing and developing solutions to help the nurseryman with the aim of simplifying operations and work processes without compromising the quality of the finished product.

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Careful selection of mechanical components of the highest quality, integrated software and direct expertise

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Why should you choose Zetaecotech? The customers are always involved in the technical choices, in designing and in suggesting solutions that meet their needs. Ask for free advice.

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